The Next Phase: Indiana University Bloomington

As of October 1, 2017, I am now an Assistant Professor in the Department of Applied Health Science in the School of Public Health-Bloomington at Indiana University.

My six plus year journey at the University of Alabama at Birmingham provided me with many excellent experiences, and I am both excited to move on to the next part of my career, and saddened to leave many friends and colleagues behind.

I started in the School of Medicine as part of the Nutrition Obesity Research Center training grant. I subsequently joined the Office of Energetics as part of the School of Public Health while continuing as part of the NORC. After completing my post-doctoral training, Dr. David Allison and I worked on creating a new position for me to continue our work together as well as to support some of my own investigations. I thus became a ‘Scientist’, though technically within the university I was still a Research Associate. Dr. Allison continued to work on these positions with university administration until the promotable Scientist track was created, at which pointed I transitioned to a Scientist II.

Still a member of the Office of Energetics, the group moved to the School of Health Professions when Dr. Allison took a position as the associate dean. The Office of Energetics was then housed shoulder to shoulder with the Department of Nutrition Sciences and the administration of the NORC. This provided a great arrangement for continued growth.

Over six years, six offices, four buildings, three schools, and three titles later, I have begun my next career phase in a tenure track position. Now working with Dean Allison and the other great members of the IU SPHB, I am excited to continue existing collaborations and shape a new direction for my research, teaching, and service.

Go Hoosiers!