New partnership with the Global Energy Balance Network to focus on recent research

UPDATE 2015-12-18. GEBN has stopped operations. I hope to get permission to post our article reviews elsewhere so they can continue to contribute to the conversation.


A group of us in the Office of Energetics at the University of Alabama at Birmingham are pairing with the Global Energy Balance Network to foster conversations on the science of energy balance.

Our goal will be to represent the highlights of recent science, presented through a scientific lens that we hope will avoid the overselling of research that is all-too-common in research communication today. In each article, we will present the results of the research in context, provide an overview of the scientific methodology employed, and explain why we found the study to be particularly interesting, paradigm shifting, creative, or otherwise noteworthy.

Led by Dr. David Allison and myself, the group of investigators will include Dr. Kathryn A Kaiser, Dr. Greg Pavela, and Dr. Brandon George. We also hope to invite others to coauthor these articles with us. Visit GEBN and join the conversation!